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Bossklein TGI Glass Ionomer Refill 10g

Bossklein TGI Glass Ionomer Refill 10g

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Shade 3 Universal 

TGI is a fast setting glass ionomer restorative activated by mixing with water. TGI will adhere directly to enamel, dentine, cementum and also to set amalgam. High resistance to stain and abrasion wear. TGI also offers fluoride release.


TGI is excellent for restoring cervical erosion areas, root caries or for other indicated restorative uses. It can also be used as a liner in conjunction with composite restorative material (the sandwich technique) for anterior restorations. Its index of refraction matches that of tooth structure, preventing the shine-through or matt white effect, resulting from the use of other opaque glass ionomer liners with composites.


The mixing ration is 1 scoop to 1 drop of water (1:1), with a minimum of 2 scoops of powder to 2 drops of water for larger mixes, the ratio must be maintained.


Mixing and setting time (at 23°C)


Mixing Time: 30 seconds

Working Time: 2 minutes

Initial Setting Time: 4-5 minutes