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Clinix Siliperfect AD II - Light Body

Clinix Siliperfect AD II - Light Body

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Siliperfect AD II Light Body is an addition polymerization vinylpolysiloxane silicone perfectly suited for all types of 2 viscosity impressions.



Perfectly suited for all types of 2-viscosity impressions:


Wash technique: two-step impression

Double mixing: imprint in one time.


Excellent dimensional stability

Very accurate reproduction of details

Elastic memory greater than 99%

Hydrocompatibility: high accuracy of impressions even in the presence of gum fluid or bleeding

Perfect thixotropy

Easy and tear-free disinsertion

Perfect chemical adhesion between materials

Impressions can be immersed in disinfectant solutions without dimensional alterations

Compatible with all plasters

Absence of microporosities.

Self-mixing system that guarantees a perfect dosage with a homogeneous mixture, as well as a regular setting time.



Mixing time: automatic mixing

Working time: 2 min

Time taken in the mouth: 3 min 30 sec

Shore A hardness: 53 ± 2

Blue colour


2 x 50ml cartridges of Siliperfect AD II Light Body

12 x mixing tips