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Edenta Crown Cutter C4AKXXL.315.014 Pack Of 5

Edenta Crown Cutter C4AKXXL.315.014 Pack Of 5

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For cutting low-fusing veneering ceramics and metal frameworks in a single working step, easily and quickly. The novel MultiCut toothing enables 
fast chip removal and ensures good instrument stability with a high breaking strength. The new toothing system ensures smooth and low-vibration 
operation. The crown cutters are to be placed at an angle of 45°. 
Caution: the crown cutters must not be used for separating all-ceramic restorations made of extremely hard ceramics, e.g. zirconium oxide. Use the 
K-diamonds for separating all-ceramic materials, as they have been developed specifically for this application. 
Speed ideally 160,000 rpm, contact pressure: 0.5 N

FG - Friction Grip

These burs are special order and delivery is 1-2 weeks.