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Bossklein IDactiv QUANTUM Instrument Disinfectant Powder

Bossklein IDactiv QUANTUM Instrument Disinfectant Powder

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For the disinfection of instruments and tools

Powder based disinfectant
Colour change properties
Highly effective – EN14476 tested
Aldehyde, Chlorine and Phenol free
Economical 2% dilution ratio
30 minute contact time
Contains colour change properties to show the user when the solution is active and ready to use (red) and also that the solution is no longer active and must be changed (clear). Solution will remain active for approximately 8 hours / a single working day.

Ready to use within 60 seconds and effective against bacteria, fungus, spores and viruses.

Designed for use inside the instrument bath and not suitable for use on aluminium

Safety data sheet below