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Durr Orotol

Durr Orotol

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Suction-unit disinfection.

Aldehyde and foam-free highly efficient liquid concentrate for the simultaneous disinfection, deodorisation, cleaning, and care of all suction systems and amalgam separators.

For suction systems, recommended by leading device manufacturers
No resistance development to germs
Tested for material compatibility
Preserves the value of suction units
Dissolves and disinfects bio-film and prevents clogging (blood, proteins)
Long-term effect
Wide range of effectiveness
2.5L concentrate produces 125 litres of working solution.

Range of action: Bactericide, Tuberculocide, Fungicide, Antiviral (covered Viruses, Adeno-viruses HBV, HCV, HIV).




Disinfection and cleaning solution for all types of suction systems.

Non foaming.

Use a 5% solution.

Active against HBV and HIV.

Halogenated Alkyl and Aryl-phenols.

50ml makes up to 1 Litre.

2.5L makes 50 Litres.

For daily cleaning.



Powder concentrate for disinfection, deodorising, cleaning and care of all suction systems, spittoon bowls and amalgam separators.

Foam free

Phenol free

Chlorine free


Range of action: Bactericide, Tuberculocide, Fungicide, Antiviral including HBV and HIV.

Used in 1% concentration - 500g bag makes 50 litres solution